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Review: Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins

  • Reading Level: Young Adult 
  • Paperback: 384 pages
  • Publisher: Dutton Juvenile 
  • ISBN-10: 052542381 
  • ISBN-13: 978-0525423487
  • Received From: I bought it.

From Goodreads:
Budding designer Lola Nolan doesn't believe in fashion... she believes in costume. The more expressive the outfit -- more sparkly, more fun, more wild -- the better. But even though Lola's style is outrageous, she's a devoted daughter and friend with some big plans for the future. And everything is pretty perfect (right down to her hot rocker boyfriend) until the dreaded Bell twins, Calliope and Cricket, return to the neighborhood.

When Cricket -- a gifted inventor -- steps out from his twin sister's shadow and back into Lola's life, she must finally reconcile a lifetime of feelings for the boy next door. 

My Thoughts:
This books seems to be so great because, to me, the characters are phenomenal! They all really come together and make this book truly wonderful.

Lola is a really flawed/human character. She makes mistakes, is a little bit of a compulsive liar, and is a little selfish as well but she doesn't do it with any malicious intent. I really LOVE Cricket! He is one of the most unique love interests that I have read in YA, this far. His character is a breath of fresh air when it comes to the male love interests. It seems that in most books that you pick up, you will probably find a loner/mysterious/moody/brooding love interest and I'm getting kind of tired of it. Cricket is sweet, the boy next door, and realistic. He wins you over with his charm and how genuinely nice his character is. I cannot say enough good things things about his character!

I wish Calliope's character would have been in the book a little more. I found her character to be very fascinating. I also found Calliope and Cricket's relationship very interesting as well. I would have loved to have been able to learn a little more about their dynamic and how they interacted with each other. However, I didn't really get Calliope and Max as the "villains/antagonist" at all. I didn't hate or wish harm to either of them and their reactions seemed very normal to me.

Usually in books there seems to be a lack of good best friends and parents who are actually aware of what their children are doing but, not in this book. Lola's best friend is great and very loyal to her as well. Lola's parents are also very aware of what she is doing most of the time. When they didn't approve of her boyfriend, Max, they made her bring him over for brunch every Sunday and she had to check-in whenever she was out with him. So you cannot say that Lola's parent's weren't a part of her life because they grounded her quite a lot for disobeying the rules.

I absolutely LOVE this book! It is amazing and I recommend it to just about anyone! It has moved up to my second favorite Contemporary book on my list. Cricked is, also, definitely on my fictional character crush list as well! SA-WOON! ;) Oh, Anna and St. Clair are also characters in this book, so that is definitely a plus! I have nothing but praise for this book and I'm giving it 5 Quills! So go out to your nearest book store and buy it!!

<3 Shannon

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